About us


Brickslan was founded in 2018 as an idea to support my Lego hobby.

It started with a very small inventory that has been steadily growing over the years.

Currently we have over 160.000 items, 700 minifiguren and nearly a 100 used sets in our inventory.

I strive to bring you the best bricks and fast shipping with superior customer service. 

Brickslan has recently been re-branded for a more modern look.

The old logo design 

The brand new logo design

Who are we

Brickslan is run by one person who is passionate about Lego and providing the best service possible.

My goal is to keep growing the store and to be able to sell Lego as a fulltime occupation.

Hopefully one day i can open a physical store where i can provide not only pieces, minifigures and used sets but also a wide variety of new Lego sets and accessories.